Georgian Maybe Time

Today we learned about “Georgian Maybe Time” (aka: GMT).  It is said that Georgian’s are at peace with the unknown. To put it another way they are ok with not always knowing what will happen next. The lifestyle here is relaxed and rather spontaneous when it comes to plans and schedules. So, if a person is not punctual with their arrival time no one gets fussy! This is just how life is here and I’m very excited because sometimes I do tend to be late to things. (Oops!)  This “Georgian Maybe Time” mindset is also partly the reason why we did not have our flight information until a week before we left and why we will be receiving our host family placements only a few days before we end training.

I am extremely interested to see what I can learn from this life approach…becoming comfortable and embracing the unknown. I believe I have much to learn and I am amazed and grateful I have found my way here to experience all of this first hand.

Decorative clock in T’bilisi

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