A poem, a rose and grapes

Every school day I’m bombarded by kids all saying “hello. how are you.” Some of them try to kiss my cheek (the common way to greet each other here) or shake my hand and some of them want to give me food or candy or gum. Today however, was extra special.

One girl handed me some grapes which were delicious, another little girl picked a rose in her neighbors yard and gave it to me (sorry neighbor), and one little girl handed me a handmade envelope and then ran off…..inside was a piece of paper. Written on it is some sort of poem or story with a picture drawn underneath of flowers on a hillside.

I was especially touched by this gift. She must have put a lot of thought and care into it since it obviously took her some time to create. Although I can’t read it, it means a lot to me because this girl is in Level 6 and is very timid when she is asked to participate in class. During the past week I’ve taken a few extra seconds to sound out the English words for her when she’s called on. This way she isn’t rushed and can take it bit by bit. I’ve reminded my class a few times now, that wrong answers are ok, I’m just asking them all to participate.


I asked Tamuna to translate this special little card and this is what she said:

“You are a very pretty teacher. I knew the moment I saw you that you would be a very good teacher. I am very happy you are my teacher. Here is a story for you.” The story was about a teacher who came to teach at a school. The kids were all very happy. And the kids where very sad when the teacher left. Then she wrote ” I love you teacher.” I also asked Tamuna for a little background on this shy little girl and was only told that she has no mother and is very poor….which only makes this card even more special. How can one’s heart not melt and make me continue to try my hardest with these kids?

Very special gifts from my students that brightened my day


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