About Me

Hello! Mel here.

I’m from the American Southwest and am living in Busan, South Korea where I teach, blog, and continue to piece together this jigsaw-puzzle life. I love being a 21st-centruy Indiana Jones, strangers who have hilarious-sounding belly laughs & exploring new places by foot, ferry, scooter or camel.

I started optimisticrenegade.com in 2012. It began as a travel journal to record my volunteer experience in Eastern Europe, but quickly transformed into something much more powerful! My passion is inspiring young people to find a deeper understanding of themselves through travel, new experiences & facing fears.

I believe by stepping out of our comfort zone we can find our extraordinary selves. When we do this, we push every belief about who we think we are to their limits & discover our depth of heart, our vast creative minds & our immeasurable ability for change. That’s when the world shifts, our priorities realign with our hearts & each day suddenly seems magical and full of purpose.

That is a renegade. That is optimism. And that’s what I’m all about.

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