Didi Madloba (Big Thank Yous)

Today the 6th graders got a chance to be as crafty as they possibly could – and probably for the first time in school! As promised, after all the donations to get this class the Level 3 English World Books, I wanted to send all the donors something unique. This is a school where not all the children have school books, let along a notebook and pencil so when I arrived with fancy heavy-weight paper, class photos, and loads of colored paper, markers, glue and glitter to make Thank you Cards, they could hardly contain themselves! I handed them each the cards with the pictures already taped on and a slip inside with a donor’s name. Every single one of them wanted to know more about their person and I did my best to describe you all and your many amazing qualities. They wanted to know where I’d met you all, if you were part of my family, what you looked like, and how old you were….to say the least it was probably very exhausting for Tamuna my amazing co-teacher and constant translator.

At first they were a little confused about what they should do exactly with these thank you cards. They’d never made anything like this before. And, I think they didn’t want to “mess up” because they knew these were very important papers. So I lead them with a few ideas for sentences in English and Kartuli, cutting out hearts and where to put the glitter…which as most of you know ended up EVERYWHERE. It didn’t take long for their creative minds to take over and start decorating each card with gusto!

When the bell rang no one wanted to leave. They were all trying their hardest to make each one perfect, it was really touching. I’ve never seen so many kids so focused on a project that had touched them on the level this had. These really were Thank you Cards made with love. I know for some of these kids – the English books you all provided were the first school book they’ve ever been able to write their names in. Some of them came in during breaks in the day to finish decorating too.

I then took all the markers and extra paper to my 5th grade class, where they made Thank you cards for the ladies I corresponded with in GreenHeart Travel and who helps us get the grant for all the chalkboards. Oh man, did that class go wild with excitement! They were so proud to have this responsibility, they also stayed after class to finish up.

I hope the cards are something special you will all cherish – made by hand from some amazing children who now have their eyes on a larger world than just their small village in Georgia. I can only say it a million more times: Thank you so so much my friends…..or in Kartuli: Didi Madloba Megobrebi.

So many Thank Yous to count!

A close up of a group Thank you card. So pretty!

….and on the inside we all signed our names!

A pile of the 5th Graders Thank You Cards!


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