Game Day

Full day of games today. Toma and I played “baseball” with his ball and stick, and then lost the ball for about an hour. We blew up some balloons and hit them back and forth until they popped. I taught him Kings in the Corner (Shout out to Noni for teaching to me!). I spoke entirely in English and he learned very quick. We are going to play again tomorrow and see how much he has remembered. We also played memory with his Winnie-the-Pooh cards and played futball (soccer) at the nearby mini-dirt-field with the other children.

I’m trying to get accustomed to the slower pace of life here…and having baklava and coffee nearly 3 times a day, each time a neighbor comes to visit. Many of the snacks are really sweet here in Georgia, including the homemade wine.

I’ve already identified some projects around the house that we could do and will see if it is possible to incorporate an English lesson into them, such as building a compost pile, making a mobile for Toma’s room, and possibly creating a mini-city (like Sis and I did when we were little) for all of Toma’s tiny little toys.  I’ve got another shopping list made for when I visit Batumi (a large beach city about an hour south of here). Stuff like a frisbee, out door balls to play different games, clay, a hot glue gun (if they have those here) and other craft things like glue, glitter and cotton balls.

I had the funniest conversation with Toma today which went as follows….. I asked him what the name of his cat was, he shrugged and said “Meow?,” so then I asked him the name of his pig, and he said “Oink?”

I thought I was sensing a pattern so then I asked if his dog was named “Bark”….Toma just looked at me like I was crazy and said “Miki.” …….Like duh, of course the dog has a real name!? I just thought this was the most hilarious thing and had to share. So the dog has a name, but all the other animals don’t I guess.

The game and music room

Toma’s mini toys!

The prettiest bookshelf in the house

The winner of Game Day? ….That would be Miki, who wins by a nose for being the only animal with a real name!


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