Love Graffiti

I’ve always loved “Love Graffiti” as I call it. Anytime a heart or the word Love or I Love You is painted onto the side of a wall, I smile inside and out, and feel a bit lighter for the rest of the day.

So, when I woke up this morning and started walking towards school, I found exactly that, one of my most favorite things written in chalk on the long slab of concrete next to my house. Chalk is hard to come by if you’re a kid, so I know this sneaky secret admirer must have planned ahead just to surprise me. It warmed my heart so much, I grabbed my own piece of chalk from my school bag and wrote back to this mystery kid, “I love you too.”

For me, this is one of those special moments that fill my life with happiness.

The best way to wake up and energize before a full day of teaching.

I hope I make their day as well

How could you not love these kids…whoever it was misspelled the first time, scratched it out and wrote it again. : ) so sweet.

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