Picking up the books!

Last week while I was in Batumi I ordered the English World Level 3 books for my 6th grade class so this weekend they were ready to be picked up! I grabbed those along with the maps for this class…plus I found a donor to match the Grant amount we received so I ordered 4 more chalkboards!!! This “to-do” list went smoothly so Cajun and I were free to spend the afternoon catching up with and saying goodbye to friends. (I can’t believe my time here is almost over – we’re already saying goodbyes!?)

We danced the night away at a place called Vox and the next morning I sent the chalkboards and books back to Shroma on a marshrutka while I headed to Cajun’s village named Tchanieti. He was greeted by two of the cutest little girls who gave him berry branches and kisses. So stinking cute!

Berry branches and kisses for Cajun on our walk through his village.

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