I Miss You Georgia

It’s been hard to accept the fact that I’ve left Georgia! I really didn’t want to leave. I had even been accepted to extend my volunteering contract to a full year so I had the option to stay. However, my financial debts need immediate attention…which requires a paying job.

So, soon enough I’ll be on my way to financial freedom and who knows where I’ll go after! For now, as a way of helping my broken heart cope with having to leave earlier than I would have liked, I’ve written down 20 reasons why I’ll miss the Republic of Georgia so much. As I read through each one again and again, I’ve been able to release this experience to the past and take the bold next step along my path. I hope this helps you also wrap up the time you spent with me along the way and possibly even tempt you to visit this amazing little country someday too!

My I Miss List

1. I miss the feeling of a community where people care for you just because you exist.

2. I miss the children chanting “English! English! English!” at the tops of their lungs in the hallway before I enter the classroom and start a lesson.

3. I miss how creative I had to become because my only teaching materials were a piece of chalk and a chalkboard.

4. I miss having a little brother to play with and tutor.

5. I miss my crazy weekends in T’bilisi surrounded by friends where I didn’t have to speak in fragments.

6. I miss the unreliability of all transportation which makes any trip worth remembering.

7. I miss how precious the water supply is and how much I appreciate a meal not because of it’s taste but because I watched as it was laboriously made over the course of days and weeks.

8. I miss how people don’t judge each other by how they look, but when someone does dress up (or shower) it’s noticed and mentioned.

9. I miss never knowing when I’d have electricity which helped me focus my writing.

10. I miss having the oldest version of a cell phone anyone can ever remember seeing and that we all had to actually call each other.

11. I miss the feeling of complete freedom to travel anywhere and trust that life’s magic would work everything out along the way.

12. I miss the hours of open time to think and reflect.

13. I miss the spontaneity of plans and the paradoxical “relaxed rush” to get places.

14. I miss the complete trust I had to give to my host mother whenever we left the house since I never knew where we were going.

15. I miss how kiss-y and touch-y everyone is with each other.

16. I miss how loud everyone speaks.

17. I miss how nothing is taken for granted and even the tiniest gifts seem even more precious.

18. I miss making a visible, exciting, and meaningful difference in peoples lives.

19. And I miss being amazed by everything and everyone around me.

20. But the one thing I don’t miss – is the taste of the food. Oh, how I’ve missed Mac n’ Cheese, Hatch Green Chiles, and Hummus with Cheetos!

So, thanks again for coming along with me on this adventure! I’ll be visiting family and friends for the next 3 months – and then off again to a new country: full of strange new things, food, people, festivals, and customs! Show me what you got South Korea!

I’ll be seeing you all then!

Just a regular day in the local market in Ozurgeti….gonna miss Oz too.


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