Final day in Georgia 2012

I arrived in T’bilisi bright and early off the night train! I had do get a few things done like turn in my TLG phone and get my Certificate of Completion from the head office…but the rest of the day was spent wondering the streets with the few friends who were also in the city waiting to fly out that evening with me.

What a gorgeous day it was too…I wish my pictures could really capture how lovely this city is when it snows. During these very frigid winter days I’d been hoping to see this city covered in a blanked of snow…and I got my wish! We took the gondolas to the top of the mountain that over looks the city to get a few photos and hurried back down out of the cold. T’bilisi feels so calm and cozy when it’s snowing, and today was the perfect last day in the country….like a deep, cold breath of air and a snuggly, warm hug all rolled up into one.

I want to thank the country of Georgia for being such a hidden gem and allowing me the opportunity to glimpse into their world – I’m so so lucky to have had a chance to experience it.

მე  მიყვარს  საქართველო. / me mikhvars sakartvelo / I love Georgia.

And I also want to thank all who has followed me along during these past few months….it’s been a wild ride on this side – and I hope I’ve entertained, enlightened, and inspired you all in some way through it all!

Kargad (bye) for now!

T'bilisi greeted me with snow!

T’bilisi greeted me with snow!

Lovely bridge in the heart of T'bilisi.

Lovely bridge in the heart of T’bilisi.


What a Winter Wonderland!

What a Winter Wonderland!

T'bilisi from the top!

T’bilisi from the top!

Set and ready for Christmas...the streets are beautiful at night!

Set and ready for Christmas…the streets are beautiful at night!

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