The 5:45am Interview

Yep. That’s right. At 5:45am this morning I had an interview. Well, maybe I should start at the beginning….

After volunteering here in Georgia, I plan on heading to South Korea to teach English. The application process for their public school system, called EPIK, is gruelingly detailed and requires a large amount of preparation. Just to give you an idea of how intense this really is: I started the application process in August and am looking for a job in February of next year!

There are many documents required to get the work visa. I’ve had to send off for two special US-very-official stamps, which makes documents “apostille certified” and valid abroad. I’ve had to get an FBI background check which took more that a month and official transcripts from all the schools I’ve attended….just to name a few things.

Anyway, I was notified via email that my interview was set for a lovely 7:45pm Mountain Standard Time. How very thoughtful of them…..however, I’m in the country of Georgia right now. I emailed back to confirm my dread, and yes it was true: 7:45pm in Denver is 5:45am here.

So, I woke up, got as presentable as I could (after not showering in a few days – which as you can remember is totally normal here) and had my interview over Skype with a lovely guy named Brian.

The interview went great. I’ve had lots of practice with interviews after my year of “fun-employment” in New York ya know. He commented that he liked all my hand gestures – which I guess has just become second nature to me now that I’m teaching and living with people who only understand about 10% of what I say (if I’m lucky).

At the end of the interview he asked if I had any more questions… I laughed telling him that usually I’ve got lots of questions but was drawing a blank since it was 6am where I was. He laughed as well and said not to worry.

My interview ended, I put my pajamas back on, and got another hour of sleep before starting the school day. We can now mark this day as a success since my one thing for the day has been accomplished. Yep. That’s how we roll in Georgia! (I’ve got a strange feeling things will be a little different in South Korea?)

UPDATE: I was accepted into the next round of the application process where “I” send in all the documents. Thanks Mom – I love you!

As you can see…a much more complicated process than getting to Georgia.

Shout out to my Mom! This lovely lady has been gathering the last of these documents since I am out of the country and has been ready and waiting with them, all plus their required photocopies, in the proper order, with the very important apostilles, bells, and whistles in tact, to send to South Korea the minute I am accepted……mom’s are just the best, don’t you agree!? Thanks Mom!

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