To and from T’bilisi in a day

Our train took all night and we arrived in T’bilisi at 6:30am. It was still dark outside so we grabbed a taxi and headed to a hostel where some of his friends worked. We were allowed to take showers and change, get on free wifi and make some coffee. As the sun came up, others woke up so we put on Christmas music and the girls who worked there brought out the mini Christmas tree and decorations! What a festive way to start a morning!

We left our bags at the hostel, grabbed two other friends who were leaving in the next few days, and journeyed through the subway to TLG’s main headquarters. There they had to turn in their phones and take the Letter of Recommendation and Certificate of Completion that each volunteer receives. After a hearty MacDonald’s breakfast/lunch we headed back, grabbed our bags and took off for the airport! (Note to self: Never bring more than one bag while traveling or you will have to pay some pretty steep fees for the extra weight! Cajun had to learn this lesson the hard way today, poor guy.)

We said our goodbyes and Brian and I headed back to the city for a few drinks before I had to get back on a train headed for home. I got to see Bekki and the Marines once more as well and was soon enough settled into my cabin for the long ride home to Shroma!

T’bilisi just before winter hits!

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