Update on 5th Grade

When I told my 5th Grade class that they were going to be receiving one of the new Grant Chalkboards – they went wild!!! This is the other class that I provided “Special English Notebooks” and am also working towards an Ice Cream Party if they all continue to try throughout the semester. There are 22 students in this class and at the beginning of the semester – they were uncontrollable.

However, after instilling the rule of putting their thumbs in the air when they are finished with their work or copying from the boards instead of shouting “Mas! Mas!” (Teacher! Teacher!) the class began to calm down and lessons started flowing more smoothly. They have continued to improve and I’m so happy that they will have one of the new chalkboards because theirs is one of the worst I teach with. Hurray 5th Graders!

This was their reaction when I told them they would be getting one of the new Grant Chalkboards!

One of the cutest boys in class, Tornike, and his signature wink!

The 5th Grader’s Special English Notebooks

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